7 Must-Have Features in New Homes For Seniors

Are you looking to purchase a new home as a senior? Whether you need to downsize or simply want a change of pace, these seven features will help you stay comfortable in your living space.

Fewer Stairs and More Space

Perhaps the most important factor involved in buying a home as a senior is thinking about the future. Even if you can easily navigate stairs, perform maintenance tasks, or organize your home now, you may not have the ability to do so later in life. To save yourself from future hassle, consider purchasing a home with few stairs and plenty of open space. You want your new home to be comfortable no matter your age – otherwise, you may end up needing to move again.

Unfortunately, too many seniors ignore the future when signing a mortgage. Market Watch talks about some of the biggest mistakes seniors make when buying their dream retirement home. 

Easily-Accessible Fuses, Boxes, and Appliances

If the fuse box is located in a dark corner of an unfinished basement, the home may not be right for you. Other warning signs could include a washer and dryer in a closet instead of a proper laundry room, overlapping appliances in the kitchen, or hard-to-reach security features. Your entire home should be easily accessible.  

Affordable Heating and Cooling

As you age, the heating and cooling processes in your home become increasingly important. This means you should avoid homes that run on propane – which is known for being expensive and difficult to maintain. You may also want to consider homes with individual window units for air circulation. In small spaces, these units are more effective and immediate than central air. You should not consider a home with no air conditioning or heating. This could turn into a serious health problem in the future.

Multiple Bathrooms and Guest Rooms

Even if you plan on living alone, having multiple bathrooms and guest rooms for your extended family is important. Not only will you enjoy the company, but your family will be able to easily care for you in-home, should something go wrong. You don’t need anything extravagant. A simple guest room and half bath will do the trick.

Manageable Landscaping

Maybe you love gardening and landscaping right now. However, you need to consider the possibility that you may want to take a break in the future. When this happens, you’ll either need to accept the state of your landscaping, hire someone else to care for your lawn, or choose a home with less required outdoor maintenance. Skip these complex steps by picking a home with little required maintenance from the beginning. You can always create your own temporary gardens in window pots.

Convenient Floor

As you age, you might find that carpet is more comfortable on your feet. While certain rooms are simply easier to clean with wood or tile (such as the kitchen or bathroom), other rooms are easier to navigate with carpet (such as bedrooms or living spaces). Not sure how to handle carpet or wood in your new home? Cleveland.com explains the differences in installation, cost, and comfort. 

A Polished Finish

Gone are the days when purchasing a fixer-upper was fun. This time around, you want your home to be move-in ready. Otherwise, it could be years before you are truly comfortable in your living space.

Finding these seven features in your new home will help improve your relaxation, safety, and convenience over the years. Make an educated choice, and take your time. You’ll be glad you did.